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Diffraction by oil surface wrinkling
Nature Photon. 3 (2009) 403-405.
Unilateral MRI of an oil filled shape

McHale and Newton Research Groups

The research at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle is led by Professor Glen McHale in the Faculty of Engineering & Environment (with colleagues in Physics and Mechanical Engineering) and at Nottingham Trent University by Dr. Michael Newton within the Physics group of the School of Science & Technology.

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Research at Northumbria:

The group's research is grouped under the name Smart Materials & Surfaces Lab and includes the interplay between surface chemistry and nano- and micro-topography (also called superhydrophobicity), static and dynamic wetting of surfaces, Leidenfrost effect, drag reduction, elastomers/creasing, microsystems/microfluidics and surface acoustic wave sensors.

The academic staff within the group include: Professor Glen McHale, Professor Richard Fu, Dr. Linzi Dodd, Dr. Rodrigo Ledesma-Aguilar, Dr. Yifan Li, Dr. Ciro Semprebon, Dr. Gary Wells, Dr. Ben Xu and Dr. Dominika Zabiegaj).

Smart Materials & Surfaces

Dr. Ben Xu's Group

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Research in Mathematics Physics & Electrical Engineering

Research at Nottingham Trent:

Dr. Michael Newton's research includes the interplay between surface chemistry and nano- and micro-topography, sensors and acoustic waves, liquid-based optics (with Dr Carl Brown) and magnetic resonance imaging (with Dr Martin Bencsik and Dr. Rob Morris).

Materials and Engineering

Liquid/Solid Interfacial Science

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